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Plantsing: A How-to Guide for Discovery Writers

What is “plantsing”? A word made up of “pantsing” and “planning”, it refers to writers who both do discovery writing and outlining (usually in the same work), instead of – predominantly – only planning or outlining. I’m a plantser I’m definitely a plantser when… Continue Reading “Plantsing: A How-to Guide for Discovery Writers”

December Writing Update: Fiction and Podcasts

December Writing Update Header

As such, I am hoping to do some proper writing (well, fiction writing) and reading during that week…

Weekly Finds – NaNoWriMo Edition

With NaNoWriMo starting next week, I thought I’d focus on writing and writing help in this week’s Weekly Finds post.

Lost cities, digital collections, the emergence of life and the age of outrage

This week holds a bumper collection of videos, articles, and podcasts that I’ve found interesting during the week. Enjoy!

Welcome to Weekly Finds!

Welcome to the first Weekly Finds! In these posts I’ll show some of the cool things (which includes things like articles and blogs) I’ve found on the internet.