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NaNoWriMo 2019 News!

The weeks have been absolutely flying by — along with all the deadlines that come with the last stretch of the year when you work in magazines. With the worst of the deadlines behind me now (I hope, because, wow, we were extremely busy),… Continue Reading “NaNoWriMo 2019 News!”

“Hard of Hearing” by Radical Face (And Some Ramblings)

In which I share some of my favourite music by Radical Face and ruminate on some moods.

On Being Unsocial: Why I Deleted Twitter and Facebook from My Phone

On Being Unsocial Blog Header

I’d had it. For the umpteenth time, I found myself having spent over 40 minutes scrolling through the neverending timeline that is Twitter — and getting angry and worked up. Not over the Big Things, mind you that I could get being worked up… Continue Reading “On Being Unsocial: Why I Deleted Twitter and Facebook from My Phone”

How I Write 50K Words Per Month

For me, the most difficult thing was to get a proper pace of writing outside the mad rush that is NaNoWriMo.

Small moments and long-term goals

When you suffer from chronic illness – whether physical or mental – there are small moments to celebrate that which ‘should’ be mundane moments of life. For example, there is seeing the sunrise and being awake before the rest of the world starts its… Continue Reading “Small moments and long-term goals”

Thoughts on Books: Snaps, Scraps and Snippets of the Past and Present

Snaps, Scraps and Snippets really is a valuable book! And a lot is packed into its pages.

February Update – a broken tooth, an ill cat, and other curveballs

While the whole of January was a bit all over the place, the last week was just, well, a curveball from start to finish.

Thoughts on deep work and avoiding distraction

Cal Newport makes a very good argument that what he calls “deep work”, which is basically work which requires constant concentration and must be done without interruption, is on the decline as distractions like social media become more invasive in almost everyone’s everyday lives.

Time Management and Time Management Apps for 2019

That said, I have changed the way I manage my time and day quite significantly, not to mention the hours when I work, as I have to keep a steady routine when it comes to going to bed and waking up.

A Happy New Year and My Writing Plans for January 2019

Like I hinted in some previous posts, I’m making changes to the blog this year…