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Fiction Work in Progress: “Not the Chosen Ones”

Blog header Fiction work in progress not the chosen ones

My job was to keep the chosen ones in stasis alive until I die. The one after me would do the same, the one after her as well…

Flash Fiction: Babylon

Flash fiction Babylon header

Written for last week’s Microcosms, my prompts were “news reporter”, “battlefield” and “sci-fi”. Babylon “We can’t broadcast this.” The suited man stared in disgust at the reporter’s footage of the aftermath of one of the battles on Babylon. The reporter’s red-rimmed eyes stared at… Continue Reading “Flash Fiction: Babylon”

Flash Fiction: Dancing in the Dark

A strange planet hung within the ether below, slowly, slowly turning a dance in the darkness to silent music. I closed my eyes, imagined the music of the stars, and moved fingers, stiff within their protective suit, to the silent tempo…