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Flash Fiction: A Cup of Tea

Written for Microcosms, my prompts were “tea-lover”, “restaurant” and “memoir”. A Cup of Tea I stare at the tea menu. Darjeeling or Assam? Perhaps white tea. Green tea. Oolong? I go back to the Darjeeling, then smile at the waitress and order. At least,… Continue Reading “Flash Fiction: A Cup of Tea”

Flash Fiction: This Time It’s Forever

Written for microcosms, my prompts were “criminal”, “library”, and “romance”. I also incorporated Rachel Poli’s Friday prompt; “Where were you?”. This Time It’s Forever “Where were you?” the voice asked from the ether before the figure of a woman materialised, her fingertips dancing along… Continue Reading “Flash Fiction: This Time It’s Forever”

Flash Fiction: Petrichor

“Do you remember that adventure we went on? When we were nine?” I sigh, staring out straight in front of me. Of course I remember. But that was before. “I know you do,” Alex says, sitting down on the foot of my bed with… Continue Reading “Flash Fiction: Petrichor”

Flash Fiction: Sixty Years

“Sixty Years” was written for last week’s Microcosms flash fiction competition. My prompts were “singer”, “purple rain”, and “romance”.

Flash Fiction: Moonlight for Two

“Moonlight for Two” was written for Microcosms Flash Fiction competition and won the runner-up spot!