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Character Sheet: Selena Tellah, the Ruon Chronicles

Here’s an example of a simple character sheet – although I left out the parts that would be spoilers of the story! Read more about building characters and character sheets here. Selena Tellah — Ruon — Lives at Ruon Haliern (Book 1) Role in… Continue Reading “Character Sheet: Selena Tellah, the Ruon Chronicles”

Character sheets and character resources

There are also as many ways of making character sheets as there are ways of writing.

Writing Research: Victorian-era Mental Asylums

header image for writing research Victorian-era mental asylums

One of the characters in the novel Porselein is in a type of asylum – which leads me to research the topic (seeing as what I already know is probably just enough to let me get it completely wrong).

Useful writing software and apps

Scrivener! There are probably very few writers who have not at least heard of Scrivener – and there’s a good reason for it. It really is that awesome. Whether you’re planning out a short story, stand-alone book or epic series, Scrivener is perfectly capable… Continue Reading “Useful writing software and apps”

On starting the writing year with a bang

Okay… probably not a bang. More like a handful of glitter. Good news is that I have already submitted my first piece of the year (some flash fiction), and I also posted part six of Box of Secrets on Patreon for my Patrons (it… Continue Reading “On starting the writing year with a bang”

Folklore and Myth Thursday – Week 19 – S

We’ll be looking at Semele, the Stymphalian birds, Scylla, Spider Woman, the Sangreal, Searbhan, Skoll, Svarazic, Saoshyant, Shachar and Shalim, the Sa-Dag, and the San Qing Daozu.

Folklore & Myth Thursday – Week 13 – M

This week I’ll focus on Mahakala, Mahisha, Mami Wata and Miengu, Mael Dúin, Minia, and Mokosh.

Folklore and Myth Thursday – Week 12 – L

This week’s post includes the leucrotta, lamassu, Lhamo, Latin cross, lapis lazuli, and Lugh.

Folklore and Myth Thursday – Week 8 – H

This week I’ll be looking at mythological and folkloric characters starting with the letter H and these will include Huitzilopochtli, Hanuman, Han Xiang and Han Zhongli, Hina, and Hine-hau-one.

NaNoWriMo and Prep Resources: Scrivener

Welcome to the first of my NaNoWriMo Prep posts! I will do one of these every week in which I will be looking at different resources for NaNoWriMo. If there is one software I can highly recommend, it’s Scrivener.