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Lockdown Chronicles — 23 June

In which I publish some fiction, clear out a desk, and redesign the website to be more accessible.

Reading & Listening Update: Research, L’Morte d’Arthur Lectures, and More

Besides sitting with a nasty head cold while writing this (oh the joy of the changing season — hello there, autumn, my second-favourite season who’s not being very friendly this year), the past two weeks have not been too bad. The one highlight (oh,… Continue Reading “Reading & Listening Update: Research, L’Morte d’Arthur Lectures, and More”

Reading Update: Essays and Porcelain

To follow me on Goodreads, click here. Essays Uit die dagboek van ’n vrou, by Audrey Blignault, compiled by Marié Heese. Originally written for Sarie (one of the staple South African magazines), these essays by a beloved South African and Afrikaans author gives a… Continue Reading “Reading Update: Essays and Porcelain”

Books Can Make You Do Stupid Things

Musings on owning a large number of books

Goals for January 2017!

Writing Goals After a disastrous December when it came to writing, I want to give my patrons (check out the Patreon page here) a proper short story for January. Besides the Patreon short story, I want to (at last…) finish “A Mask of Paper… Continue Reading “Goals for January 2017!”

Book Impressions: The Secret Life of Trees by Colin Tudge

The Secret Life of Trees: How They Live and Why They Matter by Colin Tudge is a truly fascinating book…