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“Hard of Hearing” by Radical Face (And Some Ramblings)

In which I share some of my favourite music by Radical Face and ruminate on some moods.

A Forgotten Empire, Spiritualism, Celtic Languages, and a Ship

This week I have for you a podcast about a physical notation system by the Incas that consisted of coloured, knotted string, a beautiful song and music video by Radical Face and four articles that range from spiritualism to music appreciation. (Though not music appreciation by supernatural beings. Hmm… talk about story inspiration…)

Favourite Music Thursday – Old Gemini

This is just so beautiful and touching… I can’t get enough of Radical Face’s music and this song has definitely become one of my favourites in a very short time. Do yourself a favour a listen to all Radical Face’s music! Click here to… Continue Reading “Favourite Music Thursday – Old Gemini”

Favourite Music Thursday – The Mute by Radical Face

Radical Face is one of my favourite bands and The Mute is one of my favourite songs by them. The music video is also superb.