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July Writing Update — Flash Fiction, Ruon Chronicles, and LectureNotes

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We’re in the heart of a (very mild, if you ask me) highveld winter and I’ve been plotting away and typing away on various projects. Although I did not get half done of what I wanted to get done, I have to admit that… Continue Reading “July Writing Update — Flash Fiction, Ruon Chronicles, and LectureNotes”

Thoughts on deep work and avoiding distraction

Cal Newport makes a very good argument that what he calls “deep work”, which is basically work which requires constant concentration and must be done without interruption, is on the decline as distractions like social media become more invasive in almost everyone’s everyday lives.

Time Management and Time Management Apps for 2019

That said, I have changed the way I manage my time and day quite significantly, not to mention the hours when I work, as I have to keep a steady routine when it comes to going to bed and waking up.

Writing Tips – Actually Getting Started

Here are a few ways in which I get inspiration to start writing when I sit down at my laptop or notebook.