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Jozi Flash Anthology Update & Downloads

It’s been a while since posting an update about the 2018 Jozi Flash Anthology; mainly because the universe decided to give most of us working on it a few kicks. And punches. Something like the printer scene from Office Space.

International Book Giveaway! (Enter now!)

Can you believe it’s been six months since the 2017 Jozi Flash anthology was released? Me neither. But, to celebrate the six-month anniversary (and starting the six-month countdown to the next anthology), there will be an International Giveaway! *drum roll* Win free copies of… Continue Reading “International Book Giveaway! (Enter now!)”

Weekly Finds – Masked Women, Antagonists, Cities, and Worldbuilding

Masked Women, Widows, Antagonists, Convenience factors in fiction, Cities, and Worldbuilding

Writing Update – Excitement!

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The past week has been quite a productive week (yay!) and I have exciting news! So please excuse the use of exclamation marks! I promise I won’t use more than one at a time! Flash Fiction Anthologies! As of today, my final edits for… Continue Reading “Writing Update – Excitement!”