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Flash Fiction: The House with the Blue Roof

This is the first story that I’ve written that will make up part of the collection titled “Where the Stars Used to Sing”.

Writing Update: May (Part 2)

writing, paper, pen, fountain pen, Aaron Burden

Since the previous writing update quite a lot of exciting things have been happening. Here’s a short update as to what I’ve been up to (and what I’m up to at the moment).

How to Publish Your Book on Noisetrade Books

Publishing your book on Noisetrade Books is not only very easy, but also a great way to get some new fans and build on your exposure as a writer.

“Dim Mirrors” Now Available!

Dim Mirrors, a collection of 39 flash fiction stories by yours truly is now available for download on Noisetrade Books! The stories are mostly fantasy, including some fiction set in the world of Airtha-Eyrassa, in which my current WIP is set.