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Flash Fiction: The Stairs

Blog header flash fiction The Stairs

Our writing group has a challenge on at the moment where we have to write a story for each of the photos one member of the group is sending from New York. You can do any genre, etc. as long as the photo inspires… Continue Reading “Flash Fiction: The Stairs”

Myth and Folklore Thursday – Podcasts

One of my favourite ways to learn more about myth and folklore are through listening to podcasts.

Flash Fiction – The Sisters’ Oath

This story was written for the Microcosms flash fiction competition last week. The prompts were “nymph, the Underworld, myth” and the theme of the week was Greek mythology.

Folklore and Myth Thursday – Week 25: Y & Z

This post will include: Yam, Yao, Yarikh, Yei, Yew, Yinlungen Bud, Ymir, Yurlunggur, Yurupary, Zhang Guo, and Zhu Rong.

Folklore and Myth Thursday – Week 24 – X

Welcome to week 24! This week I’ll be focusing on figures starting with ‘X’. These are the Xian, Xuan Zang, and Xi-he. The Xian According to Chinese mythology, the Xian “are beings who have gained immortality … [they] are not deities, but have been… Continue Reading “Folklore and Myth Thursday – Week 24 – X”

Folklore & Myth Thursday – Week 23 – W

This week I’ll be looking at: Wandjina, Watatsumi-no-kami, water and washing, the White Buffalo Woman, Widjingara, Wisakedjak, and the wren.

Folklore and Myth Thursday – Week 22 – V

This week I’ll be looking at figures beginning with ‘v’, including; Vlkodlak, Vohhu Mano, Vulture, Vamana, Varaha, and Vila.

Folklore and Myth Thursday – Week 21 –

This week I will focus on figures beginning with the letter ‘u’; Utnapishtim, Utu, Umai, Ulgan, and Ulu Toyo’n.

Folklore & Myth Thursday – Week 20 – “T”

This week I’ll focus on figures from myth and folklore whose names start with ‘t’, including; Tiresias, Tuatha Dé Danann, Tapio, Triglav, Tuoni, Tahmuras, the Thens, and Tengu.

Folklore and Myth Thursday – Week 19 – S

We’ll be looking at Semele, the Stymphalian birds, Scylla, Spider Woman, the Sangreal, Searbhan, Skoll, Svarazic, Saoshyant, Shachar and Shalim, the Sa-Dag, and the San Qing Daozu.