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Folklore and Myth Thursday – Week 19 – S

We’ll be looking at Semele, the Stymphalian birds, Scylla, Spider Woman, the Sangreal, Searbhan, Skoll, Svarazic, Saoshyant, Shachar and Shalim, the Sa-Dag, and the San Qing Daozu.

Folklore and Myth Thursday – Week 14 – N

Welcome back to my folklore and myth Thursday posts! This week I’m focusing on the letter “n” and will be looking at Nammu, Nanna, Namorodo, Nehalennia, The Nihonshoki, and Nun.

Folklore and Myth Thursday – Week 12 – L

This week’s post includes the leucrotta, lamassu, Lhamo, Latin cross, lapis lazuli, and Lugh.

Folklore and Myth Thursday – Week 11 – K

This week I’ll be looking at Kokopeli, Ka, Kachina, Kalkin, Karashishi, Khnum, and Kurma.

Folklore & Myth Thursday Week 7 – G

Garnet The red garnet is the best known of the garnets and has a similar colour to venous blood (Nazedar, 2010:351). The garnet has also long been associated with blood and “is said to be efficacious in treating bleeding wounds, blood disease, and hemorrhages”… Continue Reading “Folklore & Myth Thursday Week 7 – G”