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Micro Fiction: We sat on the bench outside the oncology ward

We sat on the bench outside the oncology ward. The sun was bright and the sky clear. Roses were blooming in the prayer garden. We laughed and talked as if we were carefree. You got up to go; left me behind with a hug… Continue Reading “Micro Fiction: We sat on the bench outside the oncology ward”

Micro fiction: “I stopped to smell the flower”

I stopped to smell the flower at the roadside. Its petals dripped red upon the ashen-grey ground. My back strained beneath my book-filled backpack. Them I dared not leave behind. I followed the painted flowers to a ramshackle building. There I found the artist… Continue Reading “Micro fiction: “I stopped to smell the flower””

Adding Culture and History in Flash and Micro Fiction

While it is quite easy to use many elements of culture or history in short stories and novels, it is a much trickier thing to do when it comes to fiction shorter than 1 000 words. This is perhaps even truer when you are writing… Continue Reading “Adding Culture and History in Flash and Micro Fiction”

Micro fiction – They burn your birth-tree with you

Originally published on 7 September on ParagraphPlanet, this micro piece was written from a scene that popped into my mind one day. They burn your birth-tree with you when you die. Your ash would mix before being scattered by the ever-swirling-whispering-wailing wind. I always… Continue Reading “Micro fiction – They burn your birth-tree with you”

Micro fiction Published!

Excellent news! My micro fiction “They burn your birth-tree with you” is published on Paragraph Planet today!

Micro Fiction – “She watched from the bed”

She watched from the bed as the creeper slowly took over the wall and then the windows of the room. Spring rain hastened its growth and it twisted tendrils around burglar bars, stuck to glass, and made sure that only slivers of light filled… Continue Reading “Micro Fiction – “She watched from the bed””

Micro Fiction: The Encyclopaedia of Forgotten Places

Dusty book header

The Encyclopaedia of Forgotten Places bent the wooden shelf into a half moon. From within faint scratching could be heard as more pages appeared and was filled with handwriting. Beyond the shelf in the library the world slowly changed as sea levels rose, weather took on… Continue Reading “Micro Fiction: The Encyclopaedia of Forgotten Places”

Memory’s Tear

This was written for Three Line Thursday.

Tuesday Tea Time Reads – A Trio of Tales

The prompt included using the title of a song as the title of your 100-word story. I tried to write three stories which are part of a bigger whole, but could still be read separately. Below the stories are the songs I used.