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Worldbuilding The Ruon Chronicles – Of Maps and Kingdoms

There, I’ve done it. At last I’ve given in to ponderings I’ve been having and changed the map of Airtha-Eyrassa. Well, okay, I changed the kingdoms. Okay, I added some more kingdoms. Because I realised a while ago already that the kingdoms were all… Continue Reading “Worldbuilding The Ruon Chronicles – Of Maps and Kingdoms”

Worldbuilding Wednesday – Worldbuilding a Creation Story

For Airtha-Eyrassa — the world in which The Ruon Chronicles takes place — I wanted a myth-like feel to the story while staying within the mythology already created for the world.

Worldbuilding Wednesday – Map of Airtha-Eyrassa

Worldbuilding Maps header

Today I’m posting a map of the complete world of Airtha-Eyrassa after the Second Sundering.

Worldbuilding: Maps of Airtha-Eyrassa

Worldbuilding Maps header

I won’t lie – I love maps. Whether they are of real or mythical places, a place I know very well or a place I still wish I could visit one day. For the Airtha-Eyrassa books I’m writing, I need much more detailed maps.