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Worldbuilding the Ruon magic system, part 2

Well, it’s about time I post this, don’t you think! Here is the link to the first part of the more in-depth look at the Ruon magic system. Okay, so — the magic system of The Ruon Chronicles are set in needlework and weaving,… Continue Reading “Worldbuilding the Ruon magic system, part 2”

Worldbuilding Wednesday: The Magic System of The Ruon Chronicles

In the world of Airtha-Eyrassa (the world in which The Ruon Chronicles takes place), magic and magical abilities are called Talent or Nith.

Worldbuilding The Ruon Chronicles – The Ruon Charms

The embroidered charms of the Ruon can be divided into two main types – healing charms and guarding charms.

Flash Fiction: A Spell for a Spell

The witch drew the obsidian knife across Gerard’s palm. Blood oozed from the cut and fell into the bowl where she had already concocted the rest of the ingredients for the spell.