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Folklore and Myth Thursday – Week 25: Y & Z

This post will include: Yam, Yao, Yarikh, Yei, Yew, Yinlungen Bud, Ymir, Yurlunggur, Yurupary, Zhang Guo, and Zhu Rong.

Folklore & Myth Thursday – Week 23 – W

This week I’ll be looking at: Wandjina, Watatsumi-no-kami, water and washing, the White Buffalo Woman, Widjingara, Wisakedjak, and the wren.

Folklore and Myth Thursday – Week 22 – V

This week I’ll be looking at figures beginning with ‘v’, including; Vlkodlak, Vohhu Mano, Vulture, Vamana, Varaha, and Vila.

Folklore and Myth Thursday – Week 21 –

This week I will focus on figures beginning with the letter ‘u’; Utnapishtim, Utu, Umai, Ulgan, and Ulu Toyo’n.

Folklore & Myth Thursday – Week 20 – “T”

This week I’ll focus on figures from myth and folklore whose names start with ‘t’, including; Tiresias, Tuatha Dé Danann, Tapio, Triglav, Tuoni, Tahmuras, the Thens, and Tengu.

Folklore and Myth Thursday – Week 19 – S

We’ll be looking at Semele, the Stymphalian birds, Scylla, Spider Woman, the Sangreal, Searbhan, Skoll, Svarazic, Saoshyant, Shachar and Shalim, the Sa-Dag, and the San Qing Daozu.

Folklore and Myth Thursday – Week 18 – R

he figures and elements I’ll be looking at this week are: Rangda, Rangi and Papa, the archangel Raphael, reed, resin, Rhiannon, and robin.

Folklore And Myth Thursday – Week 17 – Q

This week I will cover Qudshu, Quintessence, Quirinus, and Quetzalcoatl.

Folklore and Myth Thursday – Week 16 – P

This week’s post includes Phaethon, the Pleiades, Partholon, Patollo, Patrimpo, the Pandavas, the Pey, Pamalak Bagobo, and Polong

Folklore and Myth Thursday: Week 15 – O

Okuninushi, the Oni, Ot, Otshirvani, otter, and omphalos.