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Flash Fiction: Butterflies for the Dead

The day you died I cut out my heart and buried it on the hill beneath the oak we had planted together a lifetime ago.

Flash Fiction: The Short Straw

Flash fiction header

“Next time we meet, one of us will be dead.” He lifted the cup of poison-laced whiskey and gulped it down before a swift death claimed him…

Flash Fiction: The Nightingale’s Last Song

I turned at the call of my name to find my Watcher in his pristine parrot-bright biohazard suit at the house’s front door. I glanced down at my own hands covered in sparrow-coloured dirt.

Microfiction: When I Came There, She Was Gone

Tree header faded Milada Vigerova

This was originally published by Paragraph Planet on 7 June 2016. (Be sure to check out their other 75-word fiction.) When I came there, she was gone. The tree which had kept her safe throughout the winter was cracked and broken, yet the branches… Continue Reading “Microfiction: When I Came There, She Was Gone”

Worldbuilding: Maps of Airtha-Eyrassa

Worldbuilding Maps header

I won’t lie – I love maps. Whether they are of real or mythical places, a place I know very well or a place I still wish I could visit one day. For the Airtha-Eyrassa books I’m writing, I need much more detailed maps.

Flash Fiction: Shadows

“It is too late to turn back – for all of us,” I said. “We have to go on. We were chosen for a reason.” Around us the landscape had turned starker until only short brush remained and the red dust was whipped into… Continue Reading “Flash Fiction: Shadows”