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Flash Fiction: Mana’s Gold

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Written for Microcosms, my prompts were “musician”, “Hamburg” and “fairy tale”. Mana’s Gold The harp’s music drifted over the still-sleeping town with its looming castle. Though not yet light, Mana sat in the room at the top of the castle’s tallest tower and played… Continue Reading “Flash Fiction: Mana’s Gold”

Flash Fiction: The Beanstalk

This story was written for Microcosms last week. My prompts were gardener, castle, fairy tale. The Beanstalk The gardener watched the princess walking to and fro in front of the window of her tower. It was night and he knew that some of the… Continue Reading “Flash Fiction: The Beanstalk”

Microfiction: When I Came There, She Was Gone

Tree header faded Milada Vigerova

This was originally published by Paragraph Planet on 7 June 2016. (Be sure to check out their other 75-word fiction.) When I came there, she was gone. The tree which had kept her safe throughout the winter was cracked and broken, yet the branches… Continue Reading “Microfiction: When I Came There, She Was Gone”

Flash Fiction: Revenge

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“Don’t feel bad. I’m pretty hard to kill.” The voice was inside her head, but it was the wizard’s voice nonetheless.

Mythology as Writing Inspiration: The Mythical Creatures Bible

The Mythical Creatures Bible: a Definitive Guide to Legendary Beings by Brenda Rosen Although The Mythical Creatures Bible is a small volume (only in size, it has nearly 400 pages), it contains a huge variety of mythological and folklore figures and almost all of… Continue Reading “Mythology as Writing Inspiration: The Mythical Creatures Bible”

Winning Flash Fiction! Bones Beneath the Juniper Tree

I wrote this story for Flash! Friday’s competition last week and it won! The prompt was Grimm’s fairy tales and I chose The Juniper Tree (basically because it’s creeped me out since childhood). If you don’t know the story, you can read “The Juniper… Continue Reading “Winning Flash Fiction! Bones Beneath the Juniper Tree”

Wordbuilding Wednesday – Fairy Tale Resources

Here are a few great reference webpages for fairy tales.

Flash Fiction: The River Lord’s Jewel & The Last Wish

Written for one of the Flash! Friday competitions, these stories had the prompt “The Arabian Nights”. The River Lord’s Jewel The princess stared at the dark waters of the pool. Beside her stood an older woman with tears in her eyes. “Who am I?”… Continue Reading “Flash Fiction: The River Lord’s Jewel & The Last Wish”