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Worldbuilding Wednesday: The Magic System of The Ruon Chronicles

In the world of Airtha-Eyrassa (the world in which The Ruon Chronicles takes place), magic and magical abilities are called Talent or Nith.

May Update: Worldbuilding, a Ghost Story and Tinnitus

Worldbuilding The Ruon Chronicles I’m really enjoying returning to the beginning of the world of Airtha-Eyrassa to make sure that everything for The Ruon Chronicles slots into each other perfectly. It’s also forcing me to make sure that the magic systems, etc. are working… Continue Reading “May Update: Worldbuilding, a Ghost Story and Tinnitus”

Worldbuilding Airtha-Eyrassa: Knowledge Stones, Part 2

Suddenly pieces that had either been glaring plot holes or which I’d thought of just abandoning fell into place.

Worldbuilding Airtha-Eyrassa: The Knowledge Stone, Part 1

I already had the idea of the Stone being covered in runes, but looking more like Mesopotamian tablets (think Sumerian and Babylonian); only bigger. Enter the Code of Hammurabi.

May Goals: Writing and Resting

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Writing more Thanks to all the public holidays in April (and me taking a few days’ vacation at the end of the month), April went far quicker than I’d thought it would. But the good thing is that I did have some extra time… Continue Reading “May Goals: Writing and Resting”

Building draft 2 of The Knowledge Stones – the beginning

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So, the good news is that I’ve started on draft 2 of The Knowledge Stones!

Worldbuilding Wednesday – Worldbuilding a Chant

In Box of Secrets a healer needs to use both the Ruon charms and a chant to heal one of the characters.

Camp NaNoWriMo Update – The Halfway Mark

I’ll need a few days of epic writing if I want to finish the Camp with my word goal completed.

Reading Timeline for The Ruon Chronicles (thus far):

Basically, there’s the creation of Airtha-Eyrassa and the first three ages and the first two Sunderings before the published short stories/flash fiction takes place. The fiction which have been published (and which I basically now regard as canon *gets giddy from using the word… Continue Reading “Reading Timeline for The Ruon Chronicles (thus far):”

Worldbuilding the Ruon Chronicles: David Farland’s “Writing a Series” Questions and a Synopsis

In one of his newsletters (for which you can sign up here ), David Farland gave a number of questions you should ask yourself when starting or when writing a series.