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“… what the world needs is people who have come alive…”

Flash Fiction: Dream Catcher

The almost-forgotten shadow-soul stalks the city’s streets at night. It moves between the flickering yellow lights lit in the streets to keep it away…

Spotlight on South Africa: Carin Marais

Originally posted on Flash! Friday:
Flash! Friday may be winding down, but the global writing community’s growing stronger than ever. One of the greatest joys of our particular contest here has been the privilege of meeting writers from around the world; we are the…

Memory’s Tear

This was written for Three Line Thursday.

Favourite Music Thursday – Geronimo by Sheppard

Something to start getting you in the right mood for the weekend! And, of course, you have to add this –

Welcome to Hersenskim 2.0

Welcome to the new home of my blog Hersenskim. The previous content (including flash fiction, reviews, and writing resources) can still be read over here at the old Hersenskim. Now that I’ve found my blogging feet, I hope to bring you some interesting reads!… Continue Reading “Welcome to Hersenskim 2.0”

New article – Pluto, New Horizons, and Awesomeness

Better late than never, here’s the link to my article about Pluto and New Horizons… and a photo of Pluto. New Horizons – Pluto Flyby Success! Pluto (Public Domain Image)

Writing News, Articles, and an Oxford Comma

Guest Posts The guest posts posted last week is on two very, very different subject matters – the Greek Economic Crisis and the eleventh season of Idols SA! This week I had a chance to choose my own topic – so obviously I chose… Continue Reading “Writing News, Articles, and an Oxford Comma”

Flash Fiction: Brothers in Arms

This was written for the 17 July Flash! Friday competition. The prompts for the week can be seen here, and included the photo below. Brothers in Arms Books were gathered in the town square. More were added as residents threw down volumes that fell… Continue Reading “Flash Fiction: Brothers in Arms”

Afrikaans, tegnologie en nuwe woorde: ’n paar gedagtes

Die mate waartoe ’n taal kan groei en verander – veral kleiner tale – moet nie onderskat word nie, selfs nie in die geglobaliseerde wêreld waarin ons vandag woon nie. Daar moet, byvoorbeeld, nie aangeneem word dat almal Engels magtig is nie. Dit is… Continue Reading “Afrikaans, tegnologie en nuwe woorde: ’n paar gedagtes”