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Some Wise Words on Perfectionism (By Someone Else)

I actually watched this video over the weekend already (I think I should as a rule take Deadline Week At The Day Job off from blogging because goodness me it gets intense!). Anyway, he makes some extremely valid points that I took to heart… Continue Reading “Some Wise Words on Perfectionism (By Someone Else)”

Musings On My Writing

“Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one” – Terry Pratchett. I truly believe that by reading and writing fantasy – and sometimes scifi – I get to explore more than if I didn’t write any genre fiction. Fantasy delves into so many… Continue Reading “Musings On My Writing”

The Art of Being Yourself

A powerful TEDtalk by Caroline McHugh…

February Update – a broken tooth, an ill cat, and other curveballs

While the whole of January was a bit all over the place, the last week was just, well, a curveball from start to finish.

Thoughts on deep work and avoiding distraction

Cal Newport makes a very good argument that what he calls “deep work”, which is basically work which requires constant concentration and must be done without interruption, is on the decline as distractions like social media become more invasive in almost everyone’s everyday lives.

Have a blessed Christmas!

Books Can Make You Do Stupid Things

Musings on owning a large number of books

Goals for January 2017!

Writing Goals After a disastrous December when it came to writing, I want to give my patrons (check out the Patreon page here) a proper short story for January. Besides the Patreon short story, I want to (at last…) finish “A Mask of Paper… Continue Reading “Goals for January 2017!”

Anniversary of Tolkien’s Birthday

Happy New Year!