Reading & Listening Update: Research, L’Morte d’Arthur Lectures, and More

Besides sitting with a nasty head cold while writing this (oh the joy of the changing season — hello there, autumn, my second-favourite season who’s not being very friendly this year), the past two weeks have not been too bad. The one highlight (oh, and what a highlight!) was finally seeing a-ha live on stageContinue reading “Reading & Listening Update: Research, L’Morte d’Arthur Lectures, and More”

Thoughts On Writing Outside Your Genre

If you’ve been following the blog, you probably noticed that most of my stories are fantasy, sci-fi or some form of speculative fiction. So you can understand my trepidation when I learned that the genre for the Jozi Shorts Anthology is contemporary fiction. Well, colour me challenged. The last non-genre story that I wrote wasContinue reading “Thoughts On Writing Outside Your Genre”

Digging out my embroidery skills

I hope I’m not the only one who buys craft kits and then take a year (or five in this case!) to start on them. In 2012 I got one of  Rosework’s embroidery patterns called “Firebird” and finally started working on it about a month ago. (Roseworks is a local — i.e. South African —Continue reading “Digging out my embroidery skills”

My Word of the Year – Creativity

This year I decided that, besides my “normal” type of goals, I am also going to choose a word for the year. I ended up choosing “creativity” as it encompasses so much for me. Creativity means feeding the soul, means hope, means looking at life and at the world in different ways. And we trulyContinue reading “My Word of the Year – Creativity”

Catching Up, Finished Objects, and Christmas Crafting Begins!

In which time runs away from me, I start a new job, finish a few projects, and start some Christmas projects (can you believe it’s already that time of the year!). I’ve had no excuses for not keeping up with the blog other than not having enough time… In September I started a new jobContinue reading “Catching Up, Finished Objects, and Christmas Crafting Begins!”

How I Learned to Crochet

Although crochet may look very difficult to do, it is actually very easy once it is broken down into the separate stitches. To give an example, a friend whom I taught how to crochet was making a crocheted blanket after her third short lesson and she already knew all the basic stitches. My grandmother, myContinue reading “How I Learned to Crochet”

Baby Shower Gifts – Crocheted and Knitted

Zero the dog, Sparkles the unicorn, and other bits and pieces In my last post I spoke about the baby shower gift I had made for a friend. It contained a few toys, as well as two beanies. All the patterns I used were free (yay!) and I’ll link to each of them below. ZeroContinue reading “Baby Shower Gifts – Crocheted and Knitted”

Glove Patterns, an FO, WIPs, and Plans

At last I have some of the glove patterns ready for you! (These are free to download, I only ask that you link back here and not share them without attribution — thank you!) The patterns are easy enough for beginners, and are highly customisable when it comes to sizing, so you can use theContinue reading “Glove Patterns, an FO, WIPs, and Plans”