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Wordbuilding Wednesday – Fairy Tale Resources

Here are a few great reference webpages for fairy tales.

Flash Fiction: The River Lord’s Jewel & The Last Wish

Written for one of the Flash! Friday competitions, these stories had the prompt “The Arabian Nights”. The River Lord’s Jewel The princess stared at the dark waters of the pool. Beside her stood an older woman with tears in her eyes. “Who am I?”… Continue Reading “Flash Fiction: The River Lord’s Jewel & The Last Wish”

Worldbuilding Wednesday: Resources for Mythology and Folklore

(From the archives) Although there are many sources for mythology and folklore online, I often prefer to make use of non-electronic books when I just want to browse or quickly need to look up a name. These are a few of my favourite collections.… Continue Reading “Worldbuilding Wednesday: Resources for Mythology and Folklore”