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Folklore and Myth Thursday: Week 9 – I

This week I am focusing on elements and characters beginning with “I”. These include: Ichthys Wheel, Incense, Indalo, Irnan, Ulluyankas, Ila-Ilai Langit, and Irik.

Writers’ Resources: Symbols and Symbolism

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“In every grain of sand and there lies hidden the soil of a star.” – Arthur Machen

Folklore & Myth Thursday Week 7 – G

Garnet The red garnet is the best known of the garnets and has a similar colour to venous blood (Nazedar, 2010:351). The garnet has also long been associated with blood and “is said to be efficacious in treating bleeding wounds, blood disease, and hemorrhages”… Continue Reading “Folklore & Myth Thursday Week 7 – G”

Folklore and Myth Thursday – F

Fenrir, Fir Bholg, the Fomorii, Fravashi, and the Feathered Serpent Fenrir Along with the Midgard Serpent, Hel, and Sleipnir, the wolf Fenrir is one of Loki’s offspring. The great wolf bites off the god Tyr’s hand when the gods set out to bind the… Continue Reading “Folklore and Myth Thursday – F”

Folklore and Myth Thursday – E

Elle Folk, Élivágar, Enki and Ea, and Epona Elle Folk “Known as Elle Folk, in Denmark, Elf women are human-sized with long blond hair and an entirely hollow back” (Rosen, 2009:269). The Elle men, however, are shorter and look “like little old bearded men… Continue Reading “Folklore and Myth Thursday – E”

Folklore & Myth Thursday – D

Today I’ll cover the Daghdha, Daitya, dandelion, Danu, Dazhbog, and Da Zodji.

Book Impressions: The Atlas of Legendary Lands

If you’re searching for a book about lost worlds, mythical worlds, and the like, look no further than J.A. McLeod’s The Atlas of Legendary Lands: Fabled Kingdoms, Phantom Islands, Lost Continents and Other Mythical Worlds.

Folklore Thursday Week 3 – C

Cranial shaping, Crow and Crab, Coatlicue and Cocytus

Folklore Thursday Week 2 – B

Welcome to the second instalment of the alphabetical look at folklore and mythology from around the world. This week I’ll be looking at some figures beginning with the letter ‘b’. These include the Benu bird, Blue Tezcatlopoca, Bunyip, Byelobog, and the Bram-Bram-Bult.

Folklore, Volcanic Eruptions, Prehistoric Animals, Discworld Art, and Creativity and Mental Illness

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Hope you enjoy these Weekly Finds like I did! And guess what? It’s weekend! Podcasts of the Week: Both highly recommended… The Folklore Podcast What makes The Folklore Podcast so special is that many of the episodes feature eminent folklorists from around the world:… Continue Reading “Folklore, Volcanic Eruptions, Prehistoric Animals, Discworld Art, and Creativity and Mental Illness”