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Flash Fiction: The Experiment

This story was written for last week’s Cracked Flash Fiction competition – you had to start the story with the sentence given and had a maximum of 300 words. The Experiment “I TOLD you it was only a theory,” Sebastian said. From here he… Continue Reading “Flash Fiction: The Experiment”

Flash Fiction: Not According to Plan

“I told you he had a dungeon.” “I know.” “I told you we were going to be captured.” “I know.” Chains dragged over a stone floor. “I’d do my ‘I told you so’ dance, but I’m a bit tied up.” Chains jangled. “It just… Continue Reading “Flash Fiction: Not According to Plan”

Happy New Year!

I can hardly believe that it is already 2016! Of Crafting, Crochet, and Time Well Spent I was lucky enough to have been on vacation for a little over a week and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Although I did not spend as much time on… Continue Reading “Happy New Year!”

Flash Fiction: The Barman Always Listens

“Sometimes, people really are just useless.” James, bent over a double scotch, was snacking on blocks of cheese and cocktail onions skewered on toothpicks – hardly the thing you usually saw at these parties. Waiters were going around with other snacks in the room… Continue Reading “Flash Fiction: The Barman Always Listens”