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Flash Fiction: A Crown of Grey and Red

“If you could even begin to comprehend where I’ve come from, you would be terrified of me.” I took in the grey-haired woman in front of me. All in greens and browns she was dressed, but wore a cloak of ox blood red. Her… Continue Reading “Flash Fiction: A Crown of Grey and Red”

Flash Fiction: Beneath the Bed

This story was written for Cracked Flash Fiction last week. The prompt was “You’re my favourite monster”.

Flash Fiction: The Sky At Noon

She watched the Moon from the cracks in the wall of the tower where she was kept prisoner every night. Tendrils of light escaped through the cracks where she pressed her eye against the wall.

Flash Fiction: One Touch

I would find sanctuary with the witches. The thought raced through my mind as I ran into the dark forest. Behind me I could still hear the villagers shouting, telling me how they would kill me if they ever saw me again.

Flash Fiction: The Short Straw

Flash fiction header

“Next time we meet, one of us will be dead.” He lifted the cup of poison-laced whiskey and gulped it down before a swift death claimed him…

Flash Fiction: Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis Header

This is another entry for Cracked Flash Fiction, a weekly challenge and competition where you get the first sentence and 300 words with which to finish your story. (You are allowed to tweak the first sentence; for instance turning it into dialogue, and in… Continue Reading “Flash Fiction: Metamorphosis”

Flash Fiction: Flower of the Ghosts

He found her at the base of a stone angel, almost appearing to be part of it. Her grey roots folded around the statue while one single pearl-white bloom turned its head towards the moon, seeking its silver light.

Flash Fiction – The Oath

“There are many types of honour.”

Flash Fiction: A Wispered Wish

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The dragons are coming…

Flash Fiction: Passing the Time

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“I think I preferred your old hobby,” Gerhardt called over his shoulder as he signed for yet another package addressed to Mrs Hilda Faustus.