Worldbuilding Wednesday – Winged Creatures in Myth and Folklore (Part 1)

Sassanid silver plate of a simurgh (Sēnmurw), 7th or 8th century CE by Nickmard Khoey

There are so many different types of winged creatures in myth and folklore that I decided to spread them out over a number of posts. While not an exhaustive reference, I hope that these posts – as well as my other worldbuilding posts – will still be a starting point in finding new myth and…… Continue reading Worldbuilding Wednesday – Winged Creatures in Myth and Folklore (Part 1)

Bullying – Some Things I Need to Get Off My Chest

Photo by Luis Llerena

Bullying is most often seen as “something that always happens” and “just something that kids do” — it’s “kids being kids”. I know that bullying is present in all schools and also in other spheres of life. But that doesn’t make it right. I don’t see why it should be some kind of rite of passage.

Published Articles and Writing Update

Spring has sprung! Last week was Spring Day – and as suits Spring Day – we had a cold and rainy week after a few weeks when it felt like it was already summer. Published Articles: This week’s articles are definitely more upbeat than the previous week’s! Make a New Start This Spring 5 Great…… Continue reading Published Articles and Writing Update

Writing News: Articles Published & Flash Fiction

Photo by Luis Llerena

Articles for the week included one about the Cotopaxi volcano eruption and another about The Everlasting Eskom Saga. Fears as Cotopaxi Volcano Erupts for First Time in Over 70 Years The Eskom Saga: Could There Be Coal Supply Interruptions? For updates on Cotopaxi, you can go to Volcano Discovery. Tomorrow I’ll be posting some more…… Continue reading Writing News: Articles Published & Flash Fiction

Weekly Writing News – Articles and Free Flash Fiction

Here are the links to my articles that were published last week (quite an eclectic bunch again). To read more of my articles, simply go to the non-fiction page on the menu above. Educate a Woman and Uplift a Community How to Start Using Solar Power Mali Attacks Leave 23 Dead Free Flash Fiction If…… Continue reading Weekly Writing News – Articles and Free Flash Fiction

New Articles and Camp NaNoWriMo Done and Dusted

Photo by Elizabeth Lindhag. Public Domain.

I had four articles published these past two weeks, one about velfies, one about data safety, one about Thuli Madonsela’s media address about Nkandla (South African politics), and the seventieth anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Here are the links: Forget Selfies — Velfies Are the New Social Media Craze 5 Top Tips…… Continue reading New Articles and Camp NaNoWriMo Done and Dusted

Epic and Amazing Writing Music

Photo by Luis Llerena

Thanks to sites like YouTube it’s getting increasingly easy to find new music to listen to. I find it especially great to find music from which to compile writing soundtracks or music to suit a specific scene or character. Here are five artists (most of which are indie artists) whom I love listening to while…… Continue reading Epic and Amazing Writing Music

Chronic Illness Sufferers: Don’t Call Us Liars

“People only have chronic illnesses because they’re not passionate enough about life.” This statement is probably one of the the most idiotic and uninformed statements that I’ve heard in a long time. Well, apart from “Have you tried drinking more water?” as if every illness known to man (physical and mental) is caused by dehydration and your DNA plays no role in any of it.

Worldbuilding Wednesday: Resources for Mythology and Folklore

(From the archives) Although there are many sources for mythology and folklore online, I often prefer to make use of non-electronic books when I just want to browse or quickly need to look up a name. These are a few of my favourite collections. The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology by Arthur Cotterell, Rachel Storm This handy encyclopaedia contains…… Continue reading Worldbuilding Wednesday: Resources for Mythology and Folklore