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Authory – The Portfolio Tool You’ve Been Needing All Along

Sometimes a new tool comes along that significantly impacts how you work, letting you work much smarter with ease. Enter Authory.

Writing and Work Update, July and August 2020

What a couple of weeks! I knitted more than I ever knitted before to help out a colleague and also wrote a lot – both for work and pleasure. What I’ve been up to work-wise Since I last wrote, I finished the knitting ebook… Continue Reading “Writing and Work Update, July and August 2020”

Lockdown Chronicles — 23 June

In which I publish some fiction, clear out a desk, and redesign the website to be more accessible.

Lockdown Chronicles — 12 June

In which I get my writing back on track, winter finally arrives, and I venture into The Outside World Welcome back to another Lockdown Chronicle. This week has been quite a productive one with regard to work and my own projects. It also seemed… Continue Reading “Lockdown Chronicles — 12 June”

Lockdown Chronicles – 5 June

In which I write a bit, knit a bit, and build some stuff in Notion.

Hear ye! Hear ye! It’s Alive! And Readable!

My Substack newsletter is live!

Lockdown Chronicles – 27 May 2020

In which features ancient forests and trees, books of the electronic and paper kind, and The Writing Closet.

Lockdown Chronicles — 23 May 2020

In which I read some books, work on my portfolio, read poetry, and quote some poetry

Lockdown Chronicles — 15 May 2020

In which Sir Tristan the Wonder Cat is recovering from his dental, I write some more, have squirrel moments, and we’re still stuck on “Level 4” lockdown.

Lockdown Chronicles — 7 May 2020

In which I have a pity party, Sir Tristan the Wonder Cat goes to the vet for an emergency, and all’s well that ends well Today, I must say, I am (at this moment) feeling better than on Tuesday, all things considered. There has… Continue Reading “Lockdown Chronicles — 7 May 2020”