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Worldbuilding Wednesday – The Good, the Bad, the Diminishing

I ended the previous Worldbuilding Wednesday post with the death of Sifa which caused the world of Airtha-Eyrassa to fall and the Veil between the mortal and immortal world to be put in place. This week I’m looking at the events that brought about… Continue Reading “Worldbuilding Wednesday – The Good, the Bad, the Diminishing”

NaNoWriMo 2019 Update and Other Stories!

It’s almost the fifteenth of the month! And I am not even a quarter of the way through The Knowledge Stones. Oops. This happened mostly because I’m figuring out exactly what to put where in the first few chapters that is now completely new.… Continue Reading “NaNoWriMo 2019 Update and Other Stories!”

Writing Wednesday: “Ruon Chronicles”, “Porselein”, and “All the Things I Forgot”

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I’m back from my birthday long weekend (during which I tried to do as much writing or at least planning as possible). Because thank you, headcold.  Here’s what I’m currently busy with and some exciting news for the release of All the Things I… Continue Reading “Writing Wednesday: “Ruon Chronicles”, “Porselein”, and “All the Things I Forgot””

Reading Update: Essays and Porcelain

To follow me on Goodreads, click here. Essays Uit die dagboek van ’n vrou, by Audrey Blignault, compiled by Marié Heese. Originally written for Sarie (one of the staple South African magazines), these essays by a beloved South African and Afrikaans author gives a… Continue Reading “Reading Update: Essays and Porcelain”

Fiction and behind the scenes: Scorched Earth

If you haven’t read “Scorched Earth” on my Patreon page, you can read it below. The ‘behind the scenes’ starts after the story. Scorched Earth I watched as smoke from the burning farmhouse furled into the sky. Arguing voices pulled me away from the… Continue Reading “Fiction and behind the scenes: Scorched Earth”

Adventures in writing “Porselein”

Or, on building a new world I have gotten so used to writing in the world of Airtha-Eyrassa, that building a whole new world for Porselein has come as quite a shock to my system! Suddenly I’m left with a complete blank page screaming… Continue Reading “Adventures in writing “Porselein””

The last writing update of 2017!

With just half a month to go until 2018, I thought it best to give a last update on my writing for 2017 as well as looking forward to 2018. Patreon fiction – The Box of Secrets and The Ruon Chronicles The Box of… Continue Reading “The last writing update of 2017!”

Afrikaans Fiksie/Fiction – Labirint Twee

Die labirint se kronkelpad lei my al verder van die middelpunt en raak verstrengel met ander se paadjies. Die bol gare in my hande word al kleiner en kleiner soos ek deur die labirint loop en die gare, saam met ander s’n, soos ‘n… Continue Reading “Afrikaans Fiksie/Fiction – Labirint Twee”

Die uil en die skoppensboer


Deborah het voor al die ander inwoners geweet dat daar dié aand weer ‘n uil op pad is. ‘n Mens se lewe bestaan tog net uit twee tye: voor die uile kom en ná hulle gekom het.

Favourite Music Thursday – “Piekniek vir twee”/”Picnic for two”

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This Afrikaans song, “Piekniek vir TWEE” (“Picnic for two”), by TWEE (“Two”) is so beautiful and the music video really does it justice.