Favourite Music Thursday: Blind Guardian – Skalds and Shadows

Blind Guardian is a power metal band from Germany. The first of their music which I heard was the album Nightfall in Middle-Earth (songs based on JRR Tolkien’s The Silmarillion and, yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds). Their lyrics are almost all rich in mythology, folklore, and fantasy. Now I won’t act like I listen toContinue reading “Favourite Music Thursday: Blind Guardian – Skalds and Shadows”

Flash Fiction: Defeated Draugr & As If We Never Met

These stories were written with the photo and “defeat” as the prompts. “Defeated Draugr” received an honourable mention at the 30 May Flash! Friday competition. Defeated Draugr We uncovered the grave while digging foundations for a tower that would reach to the stars. Layers of dirt weighed the barrow down and we dug greedily, talkingContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Defeated Draugr & As If We Never Met”

Kroniese siektelyers: moet ons nie leuenaars noem nie

Please note: I haven’t translated this piece, which was posted on Woes (a creative platform for Afrikaans). Not yet, in any case… Hierdie stuk het die eerste keer op Woes verskyn. “Mense het net kroniese siektes omdat hulle nie passievol genoeg is oor die lewe nie.” Hierdie stelling is sekerlik een van die simpelste enContinue reading “Kroniese siektelyers: moet ons nie leuenaars noem nie”

5 Awesome Sites for Free Stock Photos

Gratisography If it’s just a personal blog/project you’re busy with, you don’t always have the money to afford professional quality stock photos. But don’t worry; you don’t have to settle for mediocre photos that will make your site look everything but professional. There are quite a few sites where you can get quality stock photosContinue reading “5 Awesome Sites for Free Stock Photos”

Vonkfiksie – Blou linte (Flash Fiction)

To read the English version, click here. Blou linte Daar moet reën wees. ’n Regte Hoëveldse donderstorm met swart wolke, donderweer en die tik-tik van hael op dakke voordat die ys jou vel steek en op die swart teer val en spring. Die hemel se trane moet my woede op huise en motors en sambreleContinue reading “Vonkfiksie – Blou linte (Flash Fiction)”

Fairy Cakes, Gods, Magic, Lost Love & Mental Illness – April’s Flash Fiction

April’s entries for Flash!Friday turned out to be quite a motley bunch. I received a special and honourable mention for two of the stories and received a “Ring of Fire” badge for taking part at least three times during April. I love the amount of writing practice these stories gives me every week and IContinue reading “Fairy Cakes, Gods, Magic, Lost Love & Mental Illness – April’s Flash Fiction”

Flash Fiction: Blue Ribbons

This piece was written for the 6 February Flash!Friday competition. It received an honourable mention and was called “horrendously sad” by Tamara Shoemaker.The photo and “a fleeting moment” was the prompt. Blue Ribbons There should have been rain. A proper Highveld storm with black clouds, thunder, and the tick-tick of hail on roofs before the ice stingContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Blue Ribbons”

Worldbuilding Wednesday: Resources for Mythology and Folklore

(From the archives) Although there are many sources for mythology and folklore online, I often prefer to make use of non-electronic books when I just want to browse or quickly need to look up a name. These are a few of my favourite collections. The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology by Arthur Cotterell, Rachel Storm This handy encyclopaedia containsContinue reading “Worldbuilding Wednesday: Resources for Mythology and Folklore”