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Poetry: The Hollow Dunes

Taking some inspiration from the awesome Nthato Morakabi (check out his blog!), I decided to also post some poetry I wrote a while ago. The Hollow Dunes The old ones have left, she said, her eyes on the hollow dunes. Their ships and gold they’ve taken. With fire brands and wild calls they’ve left. She placed… Continue reading Poetry: The Hollow Dunes

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Micro Fiction: The Encyclopaedia of Forgotten Places

The Encyclopaedia of Forgotten Places bent the wooden shelf into a half moon. From within faint scratching could be heard as more pages appeared and was filled with handwriting. Beyond the shelf in the library the world slowly changed as sea levels rose, weather took on strange new patterns, and people fled their home planet for other… Continue reading Micro Fiction: The Encyclopaedia of Forgotten Places

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Flash Fiction: Shadows

“It is too late to turn back - for all of us,” I said. “We have to go on. We were chosen for a reason.” Around us the landscape had turned starker until only short brush remained and the red dust was whipped into the air to scour our faces and hands. The prison tomb,… Continue reading Flash Fiction: Shadows

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Writing Update – Flash Fiction, Short Stories, and Camp NaNoWriMo

Jozi Flash Anthology Available! A reminder that the Jozi Flash flash fiction anthology is available to download and read - for free! That’s 29 flash fiction stories by writers from Johannesburg to read over lunchtime, during teatime or to keep you busy on your commute to work. Download your free copy below: Jozi Flash PDF Jozi… Continue reading Writing Update – Flash Fiction, Short Stories, and Camp NaNoWriMo