The Lockdown Chronicles — 5 May 2020

In which I get bad news, feel sorry for myself, and also do some crafting, writing, and worldbuilding

I won’t lie; I’ve had some difficult days this past week and a half. Motivation to do anything has just declined and having a flare and a few bad headaches in-between didn’t help my motivation at all. Cue a few days of feeling very sorry for myself.
Then cue today, when I got really bad news at work, and took another day for a pity party before dusting myself off to start looking for some greener pastures tomorrow.


I have been doing quite a bit of crafting and less writing over the past few days; crocheting, knitting and sewing away. I figured — after making myself some masks — that it’s high time that I make the scatter cushion covers for which I’ve had the fabric for for more than a year. So that’s happening!
I may also sew (using a sewing machine) to drown out the one neighbour’s foul, extremely loud music. (My poor ears!) Hey, if it works, it works!
I’ll put up some more photos next time of all the craftiness going on.

Play on!

Music-wise, I’ve been listening to a lot of Classical music and trying out to see which playlists help me to focus and work better. Okay, so Baroque music really works as well as is often said!
I’m also adding some medieval music (as in chant) to the playlists, which also works quite well.
I did use Two Steps From Hell the other day when I was feeling very tired during the work day to give me a boost, and that also seems to work for some parts of my work day.

Writing and World Bible Building

Okay, so I don’t know where I was, but I completely missed the Roam Research review on Keep Productive, but I did catch the review of it on Thomas Frank’s channel.
And I had a brain wave — that Roam will be perfect for building a story bible/world bible.
I signed up for Roam basically immediately, and have been building on the world bible a bit since the weekend. And I think it is just the kind of wiki-writing-idea-scribbling-thing that I need to put all my info on Airtha-Eyrassa in. Yay!
Here are the videos by Thomas Frank and Keep Productive and, if you’re intrigued, click here to go to Roam Research.

Take care of yourselves, stay safe, and stay healthy.

By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.

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