The Lockdown Chronicles — Day 19, 14 April 2020

Today it’s back to working from home (instead of having a long Easter weekend in lockdown).
I think I am better rested after the long weekend, though. I specifically kept myself from writing too much and rather listened to podcasts and crocheted or knitted. I figured that I needed a bit of a break from the laptop screen!
I also did some DIY-ing yesterday and painted — okay almost finished painting — the one wall in the bathroom that I want to be coloured instead of white. I did not, however, count on not having enough paint. Oops. So, after lockdown, I’ll have to get some more and finish the wall. It’s looking good, though, and I love the colour (which is known as “the colour of happiness”).

Behold the Color of Happiness! (And the fact that I didn’t buy enough paint…)

That said, I also started on a whole declutter-binge. So far I’ve only done my wardrobe (clothes, shoes, bags) and yarn stash, but I think that’s a good start!
I’ll be donating everything and have already contacted the charity shop to ask if they can come and pick it up from me (which they can, yay!).
I’m not sure if I’m suddenly in high gear because I rested a bit or because I’m trying to keep busy and keep my mind off of The Disease That Must Not Be Named. Either way I’m getting things done, so that’s good.
I’ll just make sure that I don’t go on such a huge declutter that I end up with another flare…

In other news I want to start writing a series of flash fiction along the same theme and imagery. I won’t be publishing it, but putting it up on the blog and Instagram. I am hoping that most of them will end up with happy endings, but as I pants flash fiction I’m never quite sure!
I’m going to try and start writing tomorrow morning before work, so if everything works out, I’ll be posting a flash story here as well two or three times a week.
To see what kind of inspiration I’ve gathered for these stories, you can check out my Pinterest board “In Need of Stories”.

And, lastly, I’ve signed up for one of Futurelearn’s free courses — Factory Lives: Working in the Textile Mills. I figured that, apart from being interesting it will also have a lot of story fodder, so win-win!

Take care of yourselves, stay safe, and stay healthy.
Until tomorrow.

By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.

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