Of Working Two Months Ahead, Looking After Yourself, and Fiction Writing News

The last we saw our intrepid writer, she was busy outlining the whole of The Ruon Chronicles and taking Sir Tristan the Wonder Cat for walkies in the garden.
Since then… well not much has changed and yet a lot has changed.
We’re back up to normal speed at work (the Day Job) and are already on March issue print deadlines and beginning on April. This is also why I don’t know the actual date half the time!
The next few days will be a scramble as we inevitably get in material quite late with some clients forgetting that I still need to translate their copy if they’re going into an Afrikaans magazine. Oops.
If nothing else, deadline week usually — strangely — has me working on my own projects more. I guess once the momentum is there, I might as well keep it going!

Looking after yourself

Which also brings me to some good news – the anaemia that I’ve been struggling with is finally getting better! So I’ve also been feeling more human (which is always a good thing) and have been able to sleep less. Well, by “sleep less” I mean only 7-8 hours per night. This gives me a lot more time to work on writing and other stuff, yay!
I really hate slowing down when I get anaemia or something else, but, then again, I learned the hard way last year to give myself a break. Look after yourselves, guys!


I’m finally finishing writing the Jozi Shorts short story. Our genre is contemporary fiction and, well, I really struggle to write it, full stop. The last story I wrote that was plain ol’ fiction (that is to say, not genre fiction) was the one published in Vrouekeur magazine in June 2018. And I had written it in 2017. Yup. That’s how much time I spend writing “normal” stories.
So colour me challenged by this short story! It’s a love story and is based on a photo of a lake house and includes a sentence that you have to fit in somewhere. This, at least, makes the writing easier! I can’t say more, however, as that will spoil the whole surprise.
In other short story — actually flash fiction — news, I’m back to posting some (genre) flash fiction on my Instagram account (@carin_chronicles) along with the usual photos of Sir Tristan, craft projects, and thoughts about quotes.
I also have an idea for another micro fiction story for Paragraph Planet and I’ll hopefully get that done this weekend as well.
Other than that, I’m still busy with outlining Ruon Chronicles, but should be done by the end of February as is my plan. I’ll keep on doing Ruon Chronicles worldbuilding Wednesdays for the most part.
Have a great weekend and week everyone!

By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.

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