Worldbuilding Wednesday – The Good, the Bad, the Diminishing

I ended the previous Worldbuilding Wednesday post with the death of Sifa which caused the world of Airtha-Eyrassa to fall and the Veil between the mortal and immortal world to be put in place.

This week I’m looking at the events that brought about The Diminishing, including the death of the Airus called Leralia. As usual, though, not everything is as simple as it first appears and there are good guys, bad guys, and a bad guy turned good.

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Both angered and saddened at the death of Sifa, the Airus took to calling Lewjan’s followers the Khaldun — servants of the shadow — and his followers revelled in their new name.

The Airus closed the passes of the Rhager Mountains to the Khaldun and tried to forget that they were of one kin, preferring to build a world separate of that of the Khaldun.

After twenty-one years had passed, the Leralia, who was one of the Airus, went to Lewjan and the Khaldun to ask them to let go of and forget about their rage and return to the Airus. But Lewjan would have none of it. Instead, he had her bound and stoned before delivering her death-blow himself. Then they burned her body and scattered the ashes in the wind.

And it is said that Lewjan and the Khaldun’s minds were changed when they slew Leralia and that hate and anger burned in them like never before, fed from Lewjan himself.

The Khaldun crafted many weapons for themselves and went to the dwelling of the Airus Elders, attacked them at dawn, and slew them all.

Witnessing this brutal slaughter, the Airus crafted their own weapons with which to defend themselves. Years of warfare between the Airus and Khaldun followed, and it was these deeds that started the Diminishing. Some took to calling this the Days of Mourning.

But there was one of the Khaldun, calles Hagtan, who would not lift a hand against Leralia. Seeing this, Lewjan ordered Hagtan to be brought before him. The Khaldun bound him and made him watch Leralia’s execution before beating him and taking him to one of the passes of the Rhager Mountains. There they told him to go to the Airus elders and to tell them what had been done.

Having no other choice, nor the will to fight back, Hagtan went to the Airus’ lands where he was found and brought before the elders.

Hagtan told them all that had happened and prepared steeled himself for death. However, he was shown mercy and taken to a room to rest and recover his strength.

Later, he would fight side-by-side with Eamund, but would be killed at the Battle of Achtarian.

Okay, so I guess that last sentence was a bit of a spoiler for next week’s post… oh well.

More news of The Ruon Chronicles

I’m still busy working on the outline for the series, although the past week things has been going a bit slow as I’ve been a bit ill and so try to save most of my brain power for work.

I did flirt with switching two characters around in The Knowledge Stones, and then luckily – before starting to write everything out – realised that there is no way that it would work.

What I did manage to do was switch some chapters around in order to let the reader meet Zala first (she is one of the main characters of The Knowledge Stones). The whole meeting Trevian (whose name is about to change, more on this later) first – while it worked for the first draft – did not fit anymore and I took quite a while to figure out where and how to let the reader meet Zala without it feeling forced.

That said, I also realised that I really need to change Trevian’s name. Don’t get me wrong, I still like the name; but it is far too close to Tarion (and I’ve already written a large part of another part of the series containing Tarion, so his name is more “set in stone” to me).

To top it off, I went and gave another character a similar name as well. And this may have worked had I not written a scene with all three together and realising just how close the names are to each other!

I have yet to decide on a new name, though. I think I’ve grown used to Trevian, so I’ll take a while to find another name that just “feels right”.

Other than that it is more the novella Grove of Graves that I’m changing than I’m actually changing anything on The Knowledge Stones.

I have to redo part of the map for The Knowledge Stones, though, and move some of the places at the beginning of the story further north. Otherwise I’m going to have another main character, Aaron, do nothing but walk for a few weeks. And that’s… well, it’s boring. The only way that I can make the story work after the new chapter 1 that I wrote, is to move places to the north of Heimfeie, actually. This, however, is not too bad, as I only spend two chapters there before moving on to other places in the world.

I should also be able to redo the map for next week’s worldbuilding post!

Next week I’ll also have a look at two of the main battles during the Days of Mourning, including the Battle of Achtarian.

By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.

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