How to Create a Basic Editorial Calendar

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That’s it! I think I finally found exactly the way to do an editorial calendar that suits the way my brain seems to work!

What is an editorial calendar?

An editorial calendar is used by bloggers, writers, and publishers to design a content strategy for a specific length of time and a specific publication or website. The calendar will include the types of content (article, social media post, etc.), when it needs to be written, and when it will be published.

Why use an editorial calendar?

For me there are two main reasons for using an editorial or content calendar; knowing what you’re going to write about and knowing when you’re going to write it.

Basically, if I stick to a calendar that sets out exactly what I’m going to write about – or at least gives me some kind of larger framework – I will have more time to write and not ponder what I can write about that is remotely interesting.

This brings me to the way in which I have created my calendar, as well as the software that I use in writing all the content.

How to make your own editorial calendar

Making the calendar can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be, really. It all depends on how much content you’re putting out there and that contents’ timeframes.

In making my own calendar, I’ve used both analogue and digital tools. These seem to suit me well and make sense for how my mind works. You can, of course, use any apps or tools that work for you.

(Note: These aren’t affiliate links.)

The digital and analogue tools I use:

Written calendar and notes

A trusty wall calendar, notebook, and pen are all you need to block out basic time that you’ll use either for writing, for posting, or both. Because my calendar’s blocks are quite small, I rather opted to just note what I’m working on and on which day.

My calendar hangs by the stairs, so every time I pass it, I can check what I’m doing that day and whether I’m still on track.

I also make notes in a (paper) notebook and not just digitally. Mostly, because I like notebooks and having a copy of everything offline as well.

Online content and editorial calendar as well as digital notes

For digital notes – typed/written and voice notes – I use LectureNotes by Acadoid. I find this app is great for keeping my notes, outlines, and snippets in order because I can easily put everything in separate notebooks or files.

For the actual calendar layout and the spreadsheet that shows when what goes live, etc. I use Airtable. Okay, I’ve been using it for about two weeks. But it has already completely replaced the other software that I used to use.

Lastly, I use Scrivener for the actual writing of the articles, posts, etc. You guys probably know by now that I adore Scrivener and that I use it for all my writing, whether it’s novels, flash fiction, or blogging. It’s very easy to just export as a .doc or .docx file from there if you need to.

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By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.

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