Let the Ghost Story Commence!

After starting to despair that there would be no radio drama competition this year; it was at last posted on the RSG website! Whoohoo!

Well, now that I know how long the drama needs to be, etc. I can start outlining and writing and doing all the research that I need to do before the radio drama will be finished. Creepy research. Which I will do during daylight hours, probably.

I mentioned a few posts ago that I have a whole bunch of ghost stories waiting to be written, and this drama is one of them. I won’t give away too much of the story here — to get a better look behind the scenes you’ll have to be one of my patrons over on Patreon — but I can say that I’m aiming for creeping everyone out, making them jump at shadows, and all around freaking myself out a bit as well. And it will be awesome if it sounds anything in real life like it does in my mind. Also, if broadcast, it will be broadcast at 8pm, making it nice and dark already to start with. Mwahahahahahahahahaha!

dark creepy tunnel

The “old” radio drama — “Terug Aarde toe” (Back to Earth)

In other radio-drama-ish news, I’m planning on rewriting my “old” radio drama (which I wrote about two years ago) into a short story. It, too, was written in Afrikaans (like this ghost one will be), but I plan a good overhaul to flesh out the characters and the world more. The story is also a fantasy story, but leans more towards urban fantasy than my usual fantasy.

After reading it through again, I have some more ideas to work in without changing the whole concept. I can also see where I went wrong with pacing, etc. and can work on that, so that’s always good!

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