End-of-March Writing Update: Ruon Chronicles, Ghost Stories, and Other Stuff

Okay… so that was March flitting by faster than a Will o’ the Wisp…

To say that I didn’t do everything I wanted to this March (fiction writing wise) is an understatement. Well, okay, word count-wise it was a flop. Thinking about stories and outlining Stuff was much more productive.

Turns out that I did not get to write for The Mighty this month, but neither did I have a chance to finish my homework for my writing course (which is more important, honestly).


If you’re new to the blog (hello!), I’m writing the Afrikaans novel Porselein (”Porcelain”) for the course, but I reread the notes on the ending and decided to change it somewhat. There’s no Big Reason other than it having sucked a bit, honestly. It just seemed too easy. So, a rewrite it is!

I also brainstormed another plot piece at the beginning a few months ago and need to incorporate that into the part I’ve already written. Unfortunately I can’t say much more as it will give away some spoilers. But, trust me, the second round of outlining — or is this the third? — is turning out so much better than the first one.

Ruon Chronicles – The Knowledge Stones and the Chronicles as a whole

The updates to the first chapter of The Knowledge Stones (it was first known as The Box of Secrets) is going well and I should have them up on Patreon after the weekend.

As for the Chronicles as a whole, I’ve slotted in another novella — see how I didn’t say “flash fiction” — after Grove of Graves and before Charms of Life and Death. The outlining for that one is sparse at the moment, but it takes place during the Ruon Wars and is a continuation of sorts of Grove of Graves. I’m thinking of it as a “Children in Need Doctor Who Special Episode”, where it’s awesome to have seen, but you’ll still be able to follow the story just fine if you end up missing it.

The reading order for The Ruon Chronicles will be:

  • The Knowledge Stones (novel)
  • The Grove of Graves (novella)
  • The yet unnamed novella
  • Charms of Life and Death (novel) 
  • The rest of the novels

Charms was supposed to have been “Book 1”, but then Outlining and Brainstorming happened. Which is why I realised I can’t be a pantser and try to write epic fantasy! Groves is also a standalone story (okay, sort of) which just needs some editing before I can finally republish. However, I am first going to write draft two of Knowledge Stones before finishing Grove of Graves.

Ghosts and Spooks and Paranormal Thingies, oh my!

I think I’ve again been listening to far too many paranormal podcasts. Not only do I have ideas for various ghostly short stories (and the radio drama I still desperately want to write), but I now also want to finally write the “Ghost Flower” story which I started all the way back in 2017 when I’d just started my new job. Which I now realise is not really “new” anymore. Luckily I still love the job, so yay!

Peanuts GIF celebrate party

To this end, I’ll use April to outline these stories and then decide which to write first. As they are all short stories, they will be a lot easier to fit in-between writing Porselein and Knowledge Stones.

To read “Ghost Flower” as it stands at the moment, you can go to this link.

That’s my update for March, really. I did decide not to take part in April’s Camp NaNo as I’ll basically be outlining, so no shiny badges for me, I’m afraid. I can’t wait to see what everyone else gets up to, though!

How did your March go? And are you taking part in Camp NaNo? Tell me in the comments!

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By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.

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