Character Sheet: Selena Tellah, the Ruon Chronicles

Here’s an example of a simple character sheet – although I left out the parts that would be spoilers of the story! Read more about building characters and character sheets here.

Selena Tellah

— Ruon —

Lives at Ruon Haliern (Book 1)

Role in Story: Main Character  

Occupation: Ruon Healer, on her way to becoming Dern in Book 1

Race: Selena is one of the Airahna (Half Airus/half human)

Age: 18/19 years old in Book 1

Physical Description:


Selena has medium brown hair which she normally wears in braids beneath a short veil (as is a tradition in Treddian).

She has dark brown eyes, almost as dark as Reisa’s.

She doesn’t have a slight figure like Lennah and Alyssa but isn’t much overweight either. Hourglass figure.

Light skin, but can stay in the sun for a while without burning


Introverted at times, a bit unsure of self, often anxious. Reisa can easily draw her out.

Suffers from bouts of depression, and later PTSD after witnessing the aftermath of an Agraver attack in Larna.


Likes to wear very brightly embroidered clothes, unlike the muted embroidery and decoration mostly used in Treddian. (This irks some family members as they see it as “foreign” and breaking with Treddian tradition.)

She sometimes snorts when she laughs.

Always wants to keep her hands busy. She always carries her work bag with her, it gives her a feeling of safety, almost like a security blanket.

Loves giving hugs, etc. Very tactile person.

Touches her hair when she’s anxious.

Home Town: Amraton, Treddian.

Currently lives in: Ruon Haliern and only goes home to visit.     

Family Tree:

Notable ancestors:

Nea (from Grove of Graves)

Nilja (Nea’s daughter and Selena’s grandmother)


Born and raised in Amraton in Treddian, Selena found out that she is a Ruon at age 12. Her aunt had fallen ill, and a Ruon came to help the doctor and Selena watched her work. The woman showed her how to make a charm and saw that she was one of the Ruon.

Went to Ruon Haliern in Holt Haliern to study the craft at the Ruon House when she was fourteen years old. It’s at Ruon Haliern that Selena met Reisa. They were roommates for the four years they were there together and became best friends.

They saw from the start that she was to be a very powerful Ruon and decided to keep a close eye on her. Alyssa, her teacher at Haliern, also saw the Talent within her and decided to nurture it.

At first, they suspect but are not sure that she is one of the Airahna as not everyone who has a lot of Talent is necessarily one of them.

By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.

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