Worldbuilding Wednesday – The World of Airtha-Eyrassa: The Knowledge Stones

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Here is some information about the Knowledge Stones which come to play such an integral role in the Ruon Chronicles. You can also see here how I usually do my worldbuilding – writing a type of short article with main points relating to the subject at hand.

The Knowledge Stones are the second kind of magic in the world of Airtha-Eyrassa, the first being the “magic”/Talent or Nith of the Ruon.

Fun fact: I have various pebbles that I keep on my desk at work, one of them being a moss green colour, flecked with reddish brown and I did not buy it at all because it reminded me of the Knowledge Stones…

The Knowledge Stones

It was after the First Sundering that the Knowledge Stones and Nith of reading them came into being. This Nith is called Nithrus; Nith of the Airus.

The Knowledge Stones are a moss green colour, flecked with gold and copper, and is very scarce. However, once one of these stones were found that was extremely large and the Stone Readers decided to use it to convey all that had happed in the world before the First Sundering, as most of the knowledge of that age — which had been written on scrolls and in books — had been unmade during the violence before the cataclysm during the Sundering.

The eldest of these Stone Readers, Ira-laleth, imprinted all remaining knowledge on the stone.

Because the stone was so heavy, it was left where it was found; in the north of Kauko near Bhethméahn.

This stone, held the greatest repository of knowledge — rivalling even that of Holt Haliern at that time — was fiercely guarded both day and night. Then Lewjan’s forces attacked.

Afraid that the stone would be unmade, the Airus broke the stone themselves, carrying the pieces away and fleeing with them in an effort to keep them safe.

Although the initial intent was to take the stones to the sanctuaries, the plan was thwarted as the Airus were many times found and killed, their bodies left for the carrion to feast upon. And, because the Khaldun did not yet know the stones’ worth at this time, the stones were left to lie untouched. But, in this way, most of the stones were lost.

Ira-laleth died in Bhethméahn, cut down by Lewjan’s daughter, Silbhris.

The Airahna and the Knowledge Stones

It was only later after the Second Sundering that the Airus found out that some of the Airahna — those with both mortal and Airus blood — could also need the Knowledge Stones and was, therefore, also blessed with Nithrus.

Many — if not most — of these Airahna became Seekers of Knowledge; searching the whole of Airtha-Eyrassa for the lost Knowledge Stones. The Nithrus was found to be passed down for three generations.

Some of the Seekers of Knowledge did not spend their time ‘in the field’ so to speak, but rather in the great libraries of the sanctuaries. There they read and transcribed all the stones they could. The Airus and Airahna also found stones which were empty and could be used to imprint new history upon.


Not all of the Airahna became Seekers and neither did the Airus who held the Nith of Nithrus and none were forced into this role.

Neither were all of the Seekers of Knowledge Airahna, and many could also not read the stones even when they were found and they had to be taken to the Keepers first to be read.

By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.

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