November writing plans: The Ruon Chronicles and Porselein

While the temperatures are cooling down for most of my readers (*waves hello*), the temperatures here on the Highveld are sweltering, leaving my poor desk fan to work most of the day at work to try and keep my space less stuffy.

To that end, I’m doing more of my writing early in the morning, leaving my melted brain to focus only on simple tasks like crocheting in the afternoons while I wait for it to cool down again. Which bring me to what I’ll be working on during November.

The Ruon Chronicles — The Knowledge Stones, Grove of Graves, and an untitled novella

The Knowledge Stones is starting to haunt me because I can’t seem to just finish it! But I guess it’s better to have it done properly that to have it only half done and sent out into the world!

At the moment I’m busy figuring out one of the fight scenes (it contains some of the Tellerassar/eagle shifters and promises to be epic). At the moments it’s only a bulleted list of things which much happen, and will take quite a bit of writing to get ready, I think. And probably watching some more eagle videos…

But after that it’s just the denouement and setting up the next story in the series; the novella Grove of Graves.

The problem with Grove of Graves

I wrote Grove of Graves quite on a whim, not sure where it would go and having no idea that I would slot it into the main narrative that would make up The Ruon Chronicles (as opposed to being just a novella set in Airtha-Eyrassa). Neither did I expect secondary characters which I’d already created for later books to pitch up and demand to not only be in Grove of Graves, but also in Knowledge Stones.


After writing The Knowledge Stones, and knowing that Grove of Graves takes place just a few years after that, I need to make some changes to the story before publishing the final version which will then be canon in The RuonChronicles.

However, you will still be able to read Grove of Graves as a standalone story and even start with that one before tackling The Knowledge Stones.

Basically the reading order will be The Knowledge Stones, Grove of Graves, the unnamed story I’m going to talk about in a bit, The Charms of Life and Death (which is set to be Book 1 of a series).

The as-yet unnamed story

So, as luck would have it, I stumbled across an idea for another story (or two) that is set outside of the main narrative of The Ruon Chronicles, but still set in Airtha-Eyrassa. These will be novellas (because who am I kidding when I say “they’ll probably only be short stories”!) and I will work on them from January 2019 in order to get at least one out by March 2019.

As they are not part of the main narrative, there is a bit more room to explore the world of Airtha-Eyrassa, which I think will not only be interesting to read, but will also help me to be able to write faster when I start with the serious series of The Ruon Chronicles. They will also be a good entry into the world for those just starting out reading the stories about the world.

One of the stories is set during the Ruon Wars in the Midlands/Northern Lands, with the other set in the more eastern parts of the continent.

Porselein — still busy tinkering

Yes, I know. It’s been like a year and I’m still not done. (But what a year!) I’m basically almost just about done with the full outline of Porselein  and one of the things that I think has held me back — that there isn’t really fantasy fiction for adults in Afrikaans so why bother writing some** — may just be a thing of the past now that the Afrikaans translation of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring has been published. I can only hope.

Anyway, so I’m busy with the seventh module of my writing course (for which I am writing the book) and thanks to that have seen many instances where I need to rethink the pacing of the book or up the stakes some more. There is also some more backstory that I need to figure out completely and figure out how much of that I need to include in the book — if I need to include it at all.

** Ah, self-doubt. The seemingly ever-present companion of a writer.

A Note on Forgotten:

Because apparently I hate having any time off, I’ve decided to translate Forgotten into Afrikaans and make that available on Kobo as well. (Still pondering whether or not on Kindle…) However, this is not a priority for me at the moment, but more something that I want to do in-between working on my other projects. For now my main focus will be the Airtha-Eyrassa fiction and Porselein.

Forgotten is available in English at the moment, and you can read more about the story here.

By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.


  1. Sounds like you are as crazy as I am 🙂 (the translating everything yourself bit). Have you checked out Draft 2 Digital? It manages all the places you publish your story as an eBook — and gets you on platforms South Africans can’t generally get on to (like Barnes and Noble). It also gets your eBook into libraries. You can choose the places you want it to publish for you — your book is already on Kobo, so you can uncheck that box and still get it published everywhere else you want. (For details on the tax and payment stuff, check out my Running Your Author Empire post.) Good luck!

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