Knitting a lot and then knitting some more

Apart from an amigurumi bunny for a colleague’s baby shower, I’ve really been knitting a lot more than crocheting. I finished the Reyna shawl and am now busy with the wrap pattern called “Moonlight” by Pat Strong. Although I have gone full rainbow colours on this wrap and not anything near the demure dark colour it’s shown in Knitting Magazine!

The Reyna Shawl:

I did make some changes to the pattern by basically working a much larger garter stitch panel in order for it to not only be a bigger shawl but also to finish the wool that I had left…

The pattern is an easy one, good for working on while listening to podcasts and great for beginner lace knitters. I’d actually like to try it in a thicker wool and just see the texture of it. But that will have to wait a bit because of my current knitting WIP.

I used Red Heart Lacie (oh why did you stop making it, cruel universe!) in a cerise pink for this project and 4.5 mm KnitPro circulars. Yes, I’m a KnitPro gal when I can be. I am in love with especially their Simfonie needles and mostly work with the interchangeable tips. I find the needles wonderful to work with and they are so beautiful on their own, you just can’t resist them! (My other needle is Elle circulars, but they mostly come in 80cm, which is a bit short for most of the things I make. They’re great for smaller projects though.)

Moonlight (WIP):

This pattern was featured in the December 2017 issue of Knitting Magazine (oh, what a joy of a magazine…) and, although it is a 16-row repeat, it is a very easy pattern to memorise.

It’s turning out to be bulkier than my other wraps and shawls, but I’m loving the texture. I think anything thicker than DK and I would have frogged it and tried another yarn. The yarn I’m using is Chick DK in the Vibrante colourway. I’m using the same 4.5 mm KnitPro Simfonie circulars for this project.

Tip on buying needles for newbies

If you’re not sure what to buy (let’s face it, there are so many sizes and types of knitting needles available), I’d suggest 4 or 5 mm needles. Either straight or circulars. I find the short circular needles easier on my wrists, which is why I usually use them. So if you struggle with the long, straight needles, maybe also try the circulars.

Don’t feel pressured to buy a whole set when you get started – rather build on your collection and first find the brand that you really like to use. Some swear by Hiya-Hiya, for instance, others by KnitPro. (I have yet to try Hiya-Hiya as they’re not imported to South Africa as far as I know).

Sampler knitted scarf zoomed in linen stitch and tweed pink and grey WIP

By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.

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