June Writing Update, Part 1

An article and a short story

Published during the end of May was “6 Coping Mechanisms That Help My Mental and Physical Illnesses”, which was published on The Mighty. My short story “Pandjieswinkelgoed” (“Pawnshop stuff”) will also appear in the 22 June 2018 issue of Vrouekeur! (What makes you think I’m especially excited to get my story into an actual print publication…)


My current WIPs

I’m currently quite a busy bee, as I’m doing a partly revised outline for Porselein (which is also my writing course homework), as well as writing the last bit of Box of Secrets/The Knowledge Stones, which make up part of The Ruon Chronicles before a final edit and proofread.

Wattpad Covers Various (6)

Turns out, after pasting all of the parts of Knowledge Stones together, the story is about 100 K words long. And there I thought it was going to be a short story. Ha, ha, ha. I should know better by now!

Month three of writing stories for Jozi Flash 2018 has also dawned, which means edits of my first two stories and writing June’s stories. Guys, I cannot wait for this anthology to be done. I think it’s going to be epic.


Lastly, I’ve also been writing more articles for The Mighty, which I hope will be published over the coming weeks or months. And I am also still waiting to hear if “The Angel’s Laugh” has been accepted for publication.

Other stuff I’m busy with…

You can now go and read the May Patreon fiction (even if you’re not a Patron), called “Scorched Earth”.

Patreon Headers (7)

Articles for Patreon! I am busy with a whole bunch of worldbuilding articles for Patreon, as well as a possible guest post on a blog I enjoy reading…

Blog Header 4 (38)

Next week I will reveal some more cover art, and talk a bit about Forgotten, which has morphed into a novella… of course, it did. In the meantime, you can read the first part of Forgotten over here.


By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.

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