May Writing Update 2

Or, This is taking longer than expected

Since the previous update I, on the one hand, don’t feel like I’ve written that much, but that is because I have mostly been outlining and going over timelines for specifically The Ruon Chronicles. The timeline for Porselein is still small enough for me to just have some notes scribbled down and others filed somewhere in my mind. The Ruon Chronicles on the other hand…

A timeline for The Ruon Chronicles

Sometimes you come across the perfect software that will actually make your life easier (as opposed to trying out yet another productivity app before returning to good ol’ pen and paper). One of these was Scrivener – the new one is Aeon Timeline. Apparently, it’s been around a while, I just lived under a rock.

Well, let me just say that this is exactly what I need! Trying to keep dates and years straight in my head is difficult enough without having to go looking for notes I made three years ago in the middle of a scene I’m writing because I forgot when a certain character dies or becomes a ruler or whatever.

I used the Aeon Timeline to create a custom calendar for the world of Airtha-Eyrassa (BC and AD would not have worked as well…) and started adding all my worldbuilding notes. Which sounds like it goes quickly, but, in actual fact, it takes a long time. But it will all be worth it once the timeline is completed and I can start adding the outline of the first book of The Ruon Chronicles.

At the moment I’ve added the creation of most of the creatures and races, the main wars and battles of the First, Second, and Third Ages, as well as the first two Sunderings and half of the Farlands War.

Knowledge Stones SM

The Knowledge Stones (aka Box of Secrets)

So I ended up creating a new outline for the last part of the Box of Secrets/Knowledge Stones novel as I realised that it was, well, a bit boring. You see, it doesn’t help that I know what’s coming next in the books but the reader has no clue and will probably go whaaaat? So I’ve added bits and pieces and a certain character being a bit of a bad-ass and now it’s taking longer to write. But I am still confident in releasing the full story come the end of June. Yay!

Blast from the past

Finishing up The Great Declutter of 2018 had me discovering some of my first worldbuilding notes of Airtha-Eyrassa. And how strange were they to read… The world has matured a lot since writing them, but I do think that at least part of them will be included in the current worldbuilding timeline. I’ll also share some of them here and on Patreon. (Patrons get a far more thorough look at the process that has gone into the worldbuilding and stories and how they slot into each other.) The ones that don’t make the cut will also be put on Patreon as I retype them — at the moment everything is handwritten. And illustrated. I am amazed that I had time. And I think I should make time again!

Well, that’s it from me for now. I’m basically hard at work on The Ruon Chronicles and Porselein more than anything else at the moment. But, with things being unbelievably busy at work, the brain is a bit frizzled in the evenings. I guess I am a bit irritated that I’m not working as fast as I would like to…

I’d love to hear what you’re busy reading and writing, though! Let me know in the comments or even on Twitter.


By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.


  1. Yaaas! You have been writing though, and me I just got my edits back for my unnamed novella which means i’ll have to start writing book 2 soon wuuuut! And of course Steampunk Joburg thing still going. Other than that I haven’t been writing as much as you haha

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