Writing Update – The Ruon Chronicles

I’m working on a new intro for my Patreon page for The Ruon Chronicles seeing as how The Box of Secrets went and took over everything while I was writing! Still working on trying to find the best way to tell people what’s going on in the stories without a too massive infodump.

This is where I’m at so far:

… I

In the first age of Airtha-Eyrassa, before the First Sundering, the great Knowledge Stone was created. The Airus could impress knowledge on the stone and told of the history of the world before the Lewjan – the Betrayers – came into being and could be defeated. But, before they could be overcome, the Keepers of the stone was attacked and almost all were slain.

Now broken into many pieces, the pieces of the Knowledge Stone was taken to the Sanctuaries by the surviving Keepers. However, of these many were waylaid and killed and their stones scattered and lost.

So began the long search for the lost Knowledge Stones by the Seekers of Knowledge.

An age later, after the Second Sundering, a bloody war erupted and covered the lands of Airtha-Eyrassa. Called the Ruon Wars, the enemy was led by the Vidolf Elame; a Ruon turned against her own kind to follow the Lewjan. At last Elame was captured and imprisoned with her Vidolf followers on an island in the Ahfara Sea.

When the pillars of Elame’s prison fall and those within are set free, Selena Tellah, a young Ruon, along with others of her kind and Seekers, must find a way to recreate the Ruon charms and find the lost Knowledge Stones in order to fight the dark forces amassing against them.

Time is running out as the enemy draws closer to setting free forces that can once again tear Airtha-Eyrassa apart and thereby set in motion the Final Sundering that will lead all to ruin.

Enter the world of The Ruon Chronicles

Okay, so the full The Box of Secrets (to be renamed The Knowledge Stones), will be available in June on Noisetrade Books, yay!


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