Camp NaNoWriMo & Other Bits and Pieces

I think someone went and pressed the “fast forward” button on 2018. Days are flitting past faster than I can keep track of, it seems, not to mention not being able to keep up with all the projects I have in mind for the year!

Alright, the only project that I 100% have to finish is the paper for the conference in August, but still. (BTW, good grief research as an independent scholar is expensive. I am so thankful for the little library I was able to build up during my MA years! And thank goodness I don’t need to work in a laboratory!)


Camp NaNoWriMo April 2018

I am planning to take part in Camp NaNo next month, though, as I think that that will be a good way for me to keep a track of my writing as well as forcing myself to finish at least the first quarter of Porselein and finish The Box of Secrets.

The feedback I’ve received on Porselein thus far has been positive and is also helping me to make my writing a lot stronger, I think. Hopefully this will even (start to) show in my first drafts.


TGD of 2018

That said, I seem to also like adding more and more projects as I go along. The Great Declutter (TGD) of 2018 was not planned or part of my New Year’s resolutions, for instance, but I’m almost halfway there (I only work on it on Saturdays so I don’t exacerbate all my chronic symptoms too much) and plan to have it all done by the end of April. Huzzah! And then I will be able to spend my Saturdays working on fiction again. It might have been the decluttering articles I’ve been writing for work that initially inspired me, though! Then there were also two books on hoarding which I read and which was extremely insightful. Oh, the rabbit hole one goes down in Kindle when looking for something like a book on “natural cleaning recipes”. Mind you, the same also happens when I’m on JSTOR* – I get pulled into researching one topic and before I know it my list called “interesting articles” (very creative, I know) is growing faster than my research one.


*A repository for a great many scholarly journals and their articles. Fascinating reading!

Book reviews

I also want to start doing book reviews again. I have not been reading as much as I want to, but have read and listened to some fascinating and thoroughly entertaining books since last I did a book review.  I seem to be on a non-fiction stint again at the moment…


By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.

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