The Great Declutter of 2018

Or, I decided I need to declutter the entire house

I felt smothered. By things and by memories, but more by things. I’d made some big changes during the past few months, the biggest of which was starting a new job at a new company, started redecorating a bit and tried to forget about The Clutter. See, I’ve been living at my place for close to 17 years. We (my mum, sister, and I) moved in just after my grandparents’ deaths (we had been living with them – long story) and I took over the lease after my mum passed away. By that time my sister was also out of the house and married.

I went through a lot of stuff, threw out a lot of stuff, and some of the stuff I just put in the cupboards and kind of forgot about it all through the ups and oh-so-many-downs of bipolar and trying to keep a life together while being chronically ill, working full-time, studying part-time at university and trying to be a fiction writer.


Enter 2018…

At last I think I am really in a good place and in the right place to sort out all the clutter once and for all. Yup, even That Cupboard that I’ve been putting off.

I’ve set limits for myself though – doing the main work ONLY on Saturdays, getting people in to help when I must (here’s looking at you, broken washing machine in the storeroom that needs to go) – and basically taking things easy and not putting pressure on myself when I’m busy having a flare.

A good point my therapist made when I talked to her about The Great Declutter (TGD) was that I should think about it as if I was emigrating to wherever. I only have one container in which to pack everything so I need to decide what I really need and want and what I just keep hanging on to that may even be holding me back. Obviously I won’t be throwing out family photos as junk!

Thinking about it like this I’ve really went to town throwing out items I will never use again. Most of it will go to charity or recycling, luckily. So I’ve already contacted a charity in my area and an e-waste recycler who will come and collect all the things I can recycle or donate and set up tentative dates for collection.

So while I’m not running through the house getting rid of everything, I also won’t still be busy doing this when Christmas rolls around because I’m only working on it once a month!

Two weeks in I think that TGD is a wonderful idea. I try not to look too much at the living area slowly turning into storage, but the parts of the house I’ve already tackled is making me feel happy. I think it will really feel like my home once I’m done! Of course, then crafting for the house will also start in earnest. Mwahahaha


By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.

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