My NaNoWriMo 2017 Novel!

At last! My NaNoWriMo novel for 2017 has a premise! Behold! (I wrote it in English, but the book is still going to be in Afrikaans… for now.)

In a world where the mask you wear and the magic imbued therein can literally determine your social station, talented mask maker Liza-Rose Emmerly wants nothing more than a quiet life plying her trade, but when the ruler of the city state Tiravnalone  asks her to make him a mask, she is thrown into a  world where she must choose between her own life and mind and that of others. To make the mask will mean ruin for many, but renewed vigour for her ailing city-state and safety for herself and her loved-ones. It seems Liza-Rose is left to make the decision  alone until quack doctor, Eric Wellnicht, shows up on her doorstep, asking her to make a choice that  will haunt her for the rest of her life.

tumblr_n982dtEzVR1r7bnmlo1_500 copy

By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.


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