Worldbuilding “The Ruon Chronicles” – The Farlands War

When worldbuilding, I find it easiest to write myself short articles or little stories to explain some of the things that happen – especially if they come to play a bigger part in the Chronicles as a whole.

Here is one example of how I worldbuild, based off a few sketch notes I’d made earlier. (This takes place quite some time before The Box of Secrets and Grove of Graves.

Notes on the Farlands War (Third Age)

And then it came it be that Edrosjar, eldest of the king’s sons, took the throne of Ekran. And he looked at the kingdoms surrounding Ekran and he coveted their riches and lands, and, because he wished to have a coastal border as well, goes to war against Sjahra.

In the meantime, Khallahna readied men on their border with Ekran.

In the south, Darland stood with their ally, Sjahra, and pushed the soldiers of Ekran back. Those soldiers who manage to return are sent away by Edrosjar immediately to again try and take the land. It ends up being a suicide mission and people start to turn against Edrosjar and his rule.

Gado, in their defence against Edrosjar’s men, drove the fighters onto the plains and scattered them as they tried to make for the cover of Sahfaedahol. However, the men banded together once more, setting their eyes on another, smaller coastal city. They are stopped in their tracks and flee, but are cut down on the border of Sahfaedahol. This is where the forest got the name Dawmholt, which means “Blood Forest”.

Edrosjar is killed by one of his men and an internal fight for the succession in Ekran starts. As the fighting becomes fiercer, emissaries from the sanctuary in Drakenseiland go to Ekran, hoping to be able to help to stop the fighting.

The emissaries are able to stop the fighting long enough for the different factions’ leaders to meet. One of the Keepers suggest splitting Ekran into provinces, each ruled by one of the leaders. However, he is killed by an assassin, shot through a window through the heart. New fighting erupts as each start to blame the other and blood flows in the streets.

Sjahra chooses this time to attack Ekran’s borders. One of Ekran’s captains, Eshra, manages to unite the soldiers under his banner and manages to drive off most of the attacks. Having found renewed faith in Eshra, the people want him for their leader after the battles with Sjahra is won. Eshra becomes Ekran’s new king and stays the fighting.

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By Carin Marais

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