Baby Shower Gifts – Crocheted and Knitted

Zero the dog, Sparkles the unicorn, and other bits and pieces

In my last post I spoke about the baby shower gift I had made for a friend. It contained a few toys, as well as two beanies. All the patterns I used were free (yay!) and I’ll link to each of them below.

Zero the dog

Those of you who know The Nightmare Before Christmas will immediately recognise Zero, the ghost dog. I had made a Jack Skellington beanie for my friend’s other daughter a few months ago, so when I saw this I knew I had to make it!

The pattern can be found on Ravelry. It is a bit more involved even though it uses basically only double crochet stitches. If you’re used to amigurumi this pattern would be dead easy, I guess. However, it is still not an advanced pattern. It is an easy enough pattern to follow and the instructions also includes some photos — just keep some stitch markers at your side!

Pattern for Zero.

I used Elle Charity Chunky and a 5 mm hook for the pattern. The embroidery on the face was done in Elle Family Knit DK in red and black. (The reason I changed the nose was because it is for a baby and I did not want it coming off by accident!)

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 10.09.02 AM

Sparkles Twinkletoes the unicorn

Sparkles is a pattern I found on Ravelry — and which I fell in love with immediately. The pattern is more difficult than Zero’s pattern and includes colour changes, so I would say that it is more suited to an intermediate crocheter.

That being said, the pattern is well-written and clear and is quite a quick make. (Which would have been even quicker if I had not run out of white yarn. Oops. Although I do not mind going yarn shopping at all!)

I ended up embroidering the eyes as I did not have safety eyes and it is meant for a baby, but that is all that I changed on the pattern.

Pattern for the amigurumi unicorn.

I used Elle Family Knit DK and a 4 mm hook throughout for the body. Then I used some cerise pink 4-ply Mirage and some leftover purple Red Heart Lacie for the mane and tail.

A bunny!

Because the baby already has a Squishy the Octopus, I decided to make a bunny that could be kept at hospital if necessary.

This bunny is easy enough for a very new beginner as it is made out of a single block of knitting that is stitched and stuffed in a specific pattern.

I used Elle Babykins DK (oh so soft!) and 4 mm needles. Sir Tristan was also very interested in the bunny while I was making it!


The beanies I made is the Lisha Hat pattern — those who follow the blog knows how I adore that pattern!

Lisha baby hat pattern.

I made one from the Elle Babykins DK and one from Elle Family Knit DK.


And that, dear readers, was the baby shower gift. In the next post I will show the finished “Heirloom scarf”, my first attempt at lace knitting, and how far I’ve come with the Duinen II scarf.

What are your favourite crocheted or knitted baby shower gifts to give? Leave a comment below — or even a link to a photo of an FO to brag a bit! 🙂

By Carin Marais

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